Andreas Vaehi is a Swedish actor. He was educated in Scotland at Queen Margaret University where he earned his Bachelor Degree in Acting. He has worked on numerous theatre projects in Scotland and England and was also part of the prestigious Fringe festival. In Sweden he was hired by Teatermaskinen in Riddarhyttan to work with theatre in their important plays and monologues. He worked with the World Crisis Theatre theatre production ”The Power of yes” in collaboration with the french theatre company La Transplanisphére directed by Bruno Freyssinet and performed in Epidaurus, Greece in 2013. In Sweden he has been praised for work on the stage in pieces such as Sex and Byte. Andreas Vaehi has worked with humour genious Urban Bergsten and his production company Teater Pseudo numerous times and was last seen in their webseries production Pseudoteve (WATCH HERE). Andreas transitioned into working on screen in 2008 when he landed his first lead in a feature film (Madness by Stockholm Syndrome). He is recognized from movies such as ”Den Perfekta Stöten” (”The Perfect Heist”) by Alain Darborg and ”Beck – Den Sista Dagen” (”Last Day”) directed by Jörgen Bergmark and premieres spring 2016 (CMore and TV4 April 16th).

Privately Andreas Vaehi is married since 2013. The couple was blessed with a daughter in November 2014. The actor is based in Stockholm, Sweden but Andreas Vaehi willingly works all over the world.



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